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Coffee w/#The Freight Coach

Jul 19, 2024

Let’s discuss some common questions in the trucking industry these days! This week’s live Q&A covers fitness in trucking and its importance, especially for truck drivers, working with a sports psychologist for mental discipline, improving customer loyalty through over-communication, and updating shipment details...

Jul 19, 2024

Brandon Rothrock joins the show with his fitness journey and mission to help truck drivers achieve better health!

Brandon highlights the importance of mental commitment to weight loss, strategies for reducing soda intake, focusing on the quantity of food intake, and starting with simple activities like walking.



Jul 18, 2024

Today’s live episode features an industry veteran, Colby Varley, talking about the niche-based business of Advanced Transportation Services, Inc. in the produce market!

Listen in as we discuss the importance of specialization, sustainable revenue, carrier relationships, the produce shipment dynamics, market...

Jul 17, 2024

Why is it highly recommended to have an LTL offering in a brokerage?

Today's guest, Robert Kowton, discusses the value LTL freight adds for brokers, analyzing potential overcharges, and educating customers on pricing structures and services!


About Robert Kowton

Experienced logistics professional with over 15 years...

Jul 16, 2024

We've got Cameron Pechia back on today's live episode to discuss key points related to insurance market trends, client communication, freight theft or fraud, and legal and insurance implications.

Learn the importance of verifying client contact information to prevent fraud and knowing legal proceedings connected to...